Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Here are some photos that Mike took on his African Photo-Safari. I thought I would share them with you so you can see why he took my One-On-One Photography class. Leslie, Got back from Africa a few days ago and I'm still going through the 2500+ pictures from the trip but I thought I'd share a few of the ones that I think came out pretty well. Haven't started playing with Lightroom yet so these are just cropped and touched up in Picasa. I shot everything in RAW but I didn't figure you really wanted 100 meg of attachments. Thanks again, it was well worth the money. Mike J.
"One should never mistake pattern for meaning." ---- Iain M. Banks. 'The Hydrogen Sonata'

Santa at Monthaven Mansion

Hello Everyone, I will be photographing Santa at Monthaven Mansion on Saturday December 6th from 10:00-3:00. They will also have Mrs. Claus and the Grinch! Please bring the whole family and look around this beautiful establishment, there will be lots to do for the young and old at heart. Like I said earlier, we will be taking Santa Photographs, you will get a CD of your photos with Santa (for a small fee) that you can take anywhere you want and have as many prints made as you want. I look forward to seeing you all at Monthaven, make sure you bring the young ones, Santa is very eager to visit with them.

Monthaven Mansion:

  • 109 Antebellum CircleHendersonville, TN37075
  • (615) 822-0789

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Festival - Merrol Hyde Magnet School

This weekend, November 1, 2014, at Merrol Hyde Magnet School, in Hendersonville, will be their Fall Festival.  I will be hosting a booth and have lots of things for sale.  I will have photographs/framed and many of my prints for sale at the event in different sizes, something for everyones taste.  I will also have Photography Class vouchers available for those wanting to purchase a great Christmas Gift for their family and friends.  The class consists of four hours or so of instruction, and some practice of what we learned if weather/time permitting.  I will also have brochures thier letting you know more about WilkesPhotography and all that we do.  Brochures about our Wedding Packages for those looking for a great wedding photographer for their special day, I would love to talk to you about your special event and how we can remember it forever though great photographs.Come by my booth and chat and tell me what you are looking for in your photographer, I look forward to working with you.

Leslie Wilkes

Friday, October 17, 2014

Personal Photography Lessons in Nashville

Do you have a once in a lifetime trip coming up? Perhaps you're getting ready to go on a safari in the Serengeti or tour the Vatican in Rome. What's the most important thing you pack?

Your camera of course! You have waited all of your life to go see this amazing place and you want every single memory captured on film.

If you're anything like me, you have this big fancy camera with a hundred different buttons on it and you have no idea how to use it! You bought said camera because everyone assured you it would be so easy to use.

I'd like to talk to those people right about now. 

Don't you wish there was someone to show you how to use that fancy camera that you bought? If you're in the Nashville area, there is hope!

Leslie Wilkes Photography offers private photography classes! For $99 (plus taxes), you can learn how to use your camera taught by a true professional!

Together, you and Leslie will go through all of the buttons and settings and afterwards, you'll set out to take some pictures! Whether you're shooting nature, people, or architecture; the class is tailored to you and your specific needs.

Your class lasts about 4 hours and includes a manual of everything you discussed during our session!

Leslie Wilkes photographs everything including families, children, engagement, weddings, graduates, prom, birthdays, anniversaries and just about anything else you can think of!

Studio or on-site, call Leslie Wilkes today for the best quality and prices in the area. Affordable photography in the Nashville area is a hard thing to come by, but with Leslie Wilkes, you get true professionalism at affordable rates. You can reach Leslie at 615-585-4531 or e-mail us at

We're located at 115 Hedgelawn Drive, Hendersonville, TN 37075.

Make sure to visit us here for our special offers and discounts!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

How To Relax A Photo Subject

Portrait photography can be challenging, even to season pros like Leslie Wilkes, owner of Leslie Wilkes Photography just out of Nashville, Middle Tennessee. Whether you're shooting outdoor portrait photographer, child portrait photography, studio portrait photography, or even self portrait photography, relaxing the subject is key. Here are two portrait photography tips to ensure a great shoot.
If you have the time, sit down with the person you're photographing first and have a chat with them. See what they like, what they don't, and what they respond to. This will be much easier to do over a cup of coffee instead of in a studio.
Remember, lots of people don't like getting their picture taken. Maybe it's for a wedding or a special occasion but most of the time, subjects want the result, not the process. Remember that when you're shooting. Use humor to put them at ease and get that great candid shot. If you have a funny story about other shoots gone terribly wrong - tell it! It will reassure them that they are doing better than someone, at least.

Those are some quick tips to get the most out of your subject. If you're looking for a professional though, head over the Leslie Wilkes Photography at 115 Hedgelawn Drive Hendersonville, TN 37075. With great specials and the consummate professional, Leslie Wilkes is sure to satisfy all your photography needs.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How Much Can You Expect to Spend On Wedding Photography

Your wedding is an incredibly special day, and your memories of it are going to live on forever by the photos your photographer takes. It’s a huge responsibility, and you want to pick one that you’re comfortable with (remember – you will be spending a lot of time with this person on your special day).

There’s a lot of competition out there in Middle Tennessee so be sure to shop around. Read a few wedding photography contracts to see what your money gets you. If you want something really creative or unique, like photojournalistic wedding photography, you’ll likely have to pay more. For a full event, you’re looking at spending between $2,500 and $10,000. It’s worth remembering that wedding photography prices vary considerably by experience and locale (i.e. someone from Nashville will likely charge more than someone from small town, Middle Tennessee).

While it will save you some bucks, it’s also a very risky move. Amateur photographers often don’t have the same quality, professionalism, or equipment as professionals, and are more likely to flake completely. A better way to get a good deal is to find specials online. Leslie Wilkes Photography, a Nashville-based photographer, has some great specials.

Leslie Wilkes Photography at 115 Hedgelawn Drive Hendersonville, TN 37075 is a good starting point to see what the professional scene is like. Remember: it’s your special day – make sure you remember it right.

Monday, September 15, 2014

How to Capture an Amazing Headshot

When it comes to capturing only the best headshot, it is important to make sure that the person who is being photographed is relaxed. However, this might sound easier than it actually is.
Making Sure they Are Relaxed
In order to relax the person who is being photographed, the experts at Leslie Wilkes Photography suggests reminding them to breathe. People often become too tense when they are getting their photos taken, and this can cause them to look unnatural. Giving people simple reminders can help ensure that you capture the best photo possible.
Allow them to Smile Freely
Headshots often feature the person who is being photographed smiling. This is often necessary for professional business photos, or for commercial headshots, for example. By telling the person to relax their face before you snap the photos, and then telling them to smile just before you take the shot will help ensure you achieve the best photo possible.
Going with a Professional
The pros at Leslie Wilkes Photography in Middle Tennessee know what it takes to achieve the best images possible. Use a special offer to ensure you receive the maximum value. The company is located at 115 Hedgelawn Drive, Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Why You Should Use a Professional Photographer

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and when it comes to those special moments in life, they are worth even more. You can use your camera phone or device to capture all of the random moments in life, but when it comes to those special and once in a lifetime moments, second-rate pictures will not do. Here is why you should hire a Nashville TN professional photographer.

Keep Those Memories Alive

A great picture is something that will not fade over time, unlike your memory. As you get older, your brain may get a little foggy on the little details that helped to create those special moments in your life. While photographs are great for capturing still moments of perfection, DVDs and CDs can help you to recreate the entire event. It does not matter if it is a wedding, birthday party or some other type of special occasion, a professional photographer Nashville can record and enhance every single moment so that you can watch them whenever you want. Your memories are priceless and they deserve to be captured and preserved.

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No matter what the occasion is, whenever you are in the mood to create a timeless memory visit Leslie Wilkes Photography studio online or give me a call at 615-585-4531.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Preparing for Picture Day

Now that you have hired a professional photographer to take your family portrait, you may be wondering how to prepare for your sitting. Believe it or not, posing for pictures is not something that comes naturally for most folks. Here are a few pointers you can use during your Nashville TN professional photography session.

Contact your photographer in advance and ask them for ideas about props. If you have an idea for the theme or direction you want your pictures to focus on, let the photographer Nashville know in advance. This will give you both time to properly prepare for the big day and increase your chances for satisfaction.

Drink lots of water throughout the day, before picture day and get a good night’s sleep. Eat a good breakfast or lunch before your sitting. You want to feel and look refreshed for your pictures.

Try to coordinate the color of everyone’s clothing so that it does not create any clashes on the final picture. Take into consideration the color of your background and plan your outfits accordingly. Wear white or light colors if your background is a white or light color. Wear dark tones for darker backgrounds. Use accessories such as colorful jewelry, scarves, belts, and neckties to add personality into your photographs. For more tips on how to prepare for your professional picture sitting, visit Leslie Wilkes Photography online or give me a call at 615-585-4531 to schedule an appointment.