Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Boss' Christmas Present

Holt Plumbing Memories by Holt Staff | Make Your Own Book
I took on a project for some friends to surprise their boss this Christmas with a book.  I really like the ease of the BLURB Book product, but the line to get it in was pretty hefty last night.  I was up till 2:00am trying to send it and kept getting server errors on their end.  When I went to their Customer Service Site, it said they were over run with people trying to send in books on a coupon deadline, lucky me.  I can't wait to see the finished product, I hope the photographs are not too bad, I didn't take them.  They were low resolution scans, that will make some of them blurry.  The people I put this together for will not worry about that too much, they had what they had, some great photo memories at #HoltPlumbing.  #LeslieWilkesPhotography will work with what is given, and make the best of it.  I hope they enjoy,

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Merry Christmas

Leslie Wilkes - Owner/Photographer