Monday, January 26, 2015

Photo Fail

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Leslie Wilkes here with a tip of the month:
This is a friendly reminder why you should always find a professional photographer for your events. Please watch this video provided by the Professional Photographer of America (PPA), which I am a member, it will help you make the decision for your event:

Leslie Wilkes

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I have had some new posts offered on my Photography One-On-One Classes that you should take a look at this link:
Please call me with any questions you might have about taking a class, remember the time is yours, so we can customize it to your specific needs.

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Things being said about Wilkes Photography

Make sure you check out what is being said about Wilkes Photography, I have some new post from some Weddings/And Classes, just copy the link below: I always post the good and the bad, I haven't had any bad reviews yet!!

Leslie Wilkes Owner/Photographer
Hello to all those new budding photographers that received cameras for Christmas, what a great gift!! Now that you have the equipment, it's time to put it to use. Our new digital cameras come with a lot of bells and whistles, some of them make sense and some don't. That is where I can help you with a One-On-One Photography Class. Treat yourself to learning how to use your new DSLR in a One-On-One Class with me guiding you through basic principles of photography and making sure you know what all of those buttons do for you. You can go to my website at and look at my specials for the new year and purchase directly from there, to make the process as easy asd possible. Please call (615-585-4531) or e-mail ( me with any questions or concerns. It does not matter if you got $6,000.00 dollar camera or a $200.00 camera, they all work off the same basic principles of exposure, and I want to make sure you understand how that principle works to enable you to take and make great photographs. Again, Happy New Year, and let's keep those cameras out of "Auto" mode.

Leslie Wilkes Owner/Photographer